Tatuanui School - A rural school making a difference

Reaching our full potential and
being the best we can be!
Tatuanui  is a rural primary school that caters to students from Years 1 - 6. Only 5 minutes from  Morrinsville, it is situated close to the intersection of State Highways 26 and 27.  
The school has 6 digitally equipped classrooms, an equally well-resourced library, native bush, learning walkway, an orchard, and a productive vegetable garden! 
As a Green Gold enviro school we 'walk the talk', developing within our school community the knowledge, behaviour and values which connect us to our environment and motivate us to be responsible, respectful, caring and sharing citizens.  
The expansive grounds provide mature trees to climb, a cricket pitch and nets, adventure playgrounds, and an obstacle course that generously caters to sports and play activities. 
The school swimming pool is used extensively at the beginning and end of the year for instruction and is a wonderful resource over the Christmas holiday break for families.