Tatuanui School - A rural school making a difference

Reaching our full potential and
being the best we can be!

 Board           -         Principal               -        Teachers          -              PTA

Board:           The ‘WHAT’

Governance- Accountable for the schools performance  - to ensure that every child is able to attain his or her highest possible standard in educational achievement

 Sets the vision for the school

Complies with legal and policy requirements

Clear outline for delegations to the Principal. Board & Principal form the Leadership Team with each role documented and understood. 

The Principal reports to the Board as a whole with committees used when a need is identified to contribute to Boards work - e.g. property, finance

Proactive in decision making but does not involve itself in administrative details of the day to day running of the school.

Enhancing student achievement is its focus.


Principal:      The ‘HOW’

Management -

The Boards chief executive in relation to the school’s control and management.

The Board delegates all authority and accountability for the day to day operational organisation of the school.

Complies with policy and directions and has complete discretion to manage as the principal thinks fit the school’s day to day administration



Trained and certificated to teacher in a State or state-integrated school -

Employed  by the Board to educate the students of the school. They promote best teaching practice and strengthen the use of an inquiry approach to teaching and learning, in order to achieve the shared achievement challenges to life student achievement.


There is nowhere in their contract an expectation of anything else over and above their core function - teaching students. However, teachers at Tatuanui often go 'above and beyond' in  their commitment to build positive and effective home - school relationships  in the best interest of the students. 



Parents & Teachers Volunteer Group -

A voluntary non-profit organisation to support the Board/Principal by being involved in the school.

Aim is to bring into closer relationships the home and the school for the benefit of the children.

The link between the school and the wider community

Run their own accounts and are an autonomous body - though looking to the welfare of the school!

The child is at the centre of everything parents and teachers do.


In best practice, PTA, Board and Staff communicate closely and regularly so that all sectors of the school community are working effectively toward achieving common goals. If everyone is pulling in the same direction, rather than being at odds with each other, a lot more can be achieved.