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The Role of the board of Trustees is to govern the school. The Board is elected every three years and their primary focus is on student achievement.

While the Board delegate day to day implementationof many of it responsibilities to the principal (Management) the Board is accountable to the communityand the crown for the performance of the school within the law and the nationaleducation system. 

The Board fulfill legal requirements monitoring and evaluating the schools performance to make sure it is on track to achieve the aims and targets in the school charter and is complying with the Board and Government policy.

Board of Trustees 2018 :

Johan Van Ras (Chairperson)

Grant Nicholson (Vice Chairperson) 

Claire Luxton (Treasurer & Community Liaison)

Debby Davie (Health & Safety)

Alton Valler (Property)

Julie Langley (Community & Maori Liaison) 

Robyn Hampton (Staff Representative)

Denise Jones (Principal)        

Liz Kalma (Minutes Secretary)